Scott's RV-14 Build

Finally Getting Started

Eating an elephant starts with the first bite.

With out-of-town Thanksgiving festivities behind me and the toolbox and airfoil practice kits completed it was finally time to start building airplane parts. After re-reading Section 1, 2, 3 and 5 of the builders manual I moved on to Section 6, Vertical Stabilizer and started reviewing what needed to be done. It took me a while to find the parts needed. I finally figured out the best way to find a needed part was to reference the empennage kit inventory list for the part number needed, see what sub-assembly or numbered parts bag it came in, and then go to that sub-assembly or part bag for the needed item. Once I figured out that system it became easy to find things. After re-reading the initial parts of Section 6, reviewing all notes and diagrams, and making sure it was all clear I began. I worked through the steps slowly and methodically and in the end was happy with my first results. I'm still very conflicted about priming or not and continue to research it. For now, I'm not except as needed when directed by Vans, when joining dissimilar metals and on any deep Alclad scratches that need to be sanded out. Still thinking about using a rattle can primer to prime adjoining metal pieces only.

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