Andrew's 1550 V-Max

9/14/20 Figuring out the ailerons

Use circles!

I have been struggling to find the best way to measure and set the pivot point for the ailerons. I finally realized that I just need to measure the length of the pivot support (3.5 inches) and make that the diameter of the leading edge circle. Using a compas, I traced out the diameter of a circle onto the aileron end cap. I cut the cap down to the circle and test fit, looks good. I then measured a circle 1/8 inch larger as a template for the rib outer edge and i can now use that to cut the gussets to exactly the correct shape instead of cutting them down by hand. Such a stupid simple process I overlooked. I was able to then trace out the leading edge supports from a blank and will cut those soon. 2 hours of fixing dumb issues was well worth it.

I finished an aileron blank, a template for cutting the root and end gussets, traced out the leading edge aileron supports.

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