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Whether building or already flying, this community has a lot to offer.

Your online builder's log

Quick & easy

Snap photos directly on the page, no extra steps. Quick-post an entry with a few photos in just seconds.

  • As much or as little as you want: Post quickly for your personal reference and build log, or craft full blog posts for others to enjoy.
  • Collect pictures, text, and videos about your build.
  • Post other fun or useful content, unrelated to your plane.
  • Categorize by aircraft section, custom tags, drawing/reference number, and more.
Take photos directly from the website
Snap pics from your log, while posting. No extra steps
Take photos directly from the website
Snap pics from your log, while posting. No extra steps
Track your build

Track build times, expenses, flight time, and more.

You control your data

Your data is safe. Your data is yours. (no vendor lock-in).

We Build Planes is founded and created by a passionate home builder who shares your concerns for the safety, longevity, and portability of your builder log. We have multiple layers of built-in safety nets, as well as the ability for you to export and maintain your own data to ensure your log is completely safe and secure.

  • Export your posts to common, reusable formats (JSON, HTML). Take control of your log, and move it anywhere, any time.
  • Your posts and photos are automatically backed up in multiple, redundant data centers.
  • You decide whether your posts are public or private.

Is it Free?

Yes. And No. We Build Planes is offered as a free service for aircraft builders to create and share their build log. After you sign up, we'll set up and approve your account and you can get started for free.

That said, it's not free for us. There are considerable costs to building, running, and maintaining a service like this. Rather than charge mandatory monthly fees, or bill for bandwidth/storage/usage fees, or plaster advertisements across the site, or sell/monetize your data (remember the usually-true adage: "If you aren't paying for the product, you ARE the product), or other tactics to fund this... We simply ask you....

If you find this useful and valuable, and can afford it, become a Patron

If you'd rather make a one-time donation, it would also be greatly appreciated and help to keep this going.

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