Clyde Oyler's Pulsar I

Fuselage Construction Components

The Fuselage halves were joined by Mr Jim Curran, The gentleman I acquired the kit from. There are many parts that must be bonded within the fuselage.

The first thing that needed to be installed was the lower seat back. The Manual says to dry fit the lower seat back, trim if needed, then where the lower seat back contacts the side of the fuselage, bond two layers of 2 inch glass tape on both sides and one layer of 2 inch glass tape where the lower seat back contacts the bottom of the fuselage. This was done on the front and back sides of the lower seat back per the Manual's instructions.

I decided to bond one layer of 3 inch glass tape on the bottom section to better feather out the loads throughout the fuselage instead of the 2 inch glass tape front and back.


The plans call for adding a filet of micro balloon slurry on all sides of the lower seat back where it contacts the fuselage. This was completed prior to the fiberglass application. I chose to let me micro dry first in order to achieve a very smooth radius free of air bubbles and then add the glass.

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