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6June21 - Compressor and air line set up

is that male of female connector....?

I did the excellent LAA metal work course a few years ago which was helpful in handling the air tools, but setting up the air to power them was unknown. After waaayyy to much internet research, I settled on a 'silent' compressor with 50l capacity (see link below) and a CFM of 11-12. It is very quiet compared to others I have seen on youtube, so no need to build a box to keep it silent. Obviously the bigger the capacity, the less it charges, but this is like listening to a washing machine on a spin, and I can still listen to the radio easily...but more importantly the boss can't hear it...happy wife, happy life....

I bought an airspraying kit (GTAir.co.uk) which came with a 10m rubber hose so I used this to take a convoluted route from compressor to the filters and the quick couples. I used PCL XF Euro high flow everywhere based on advice from GTAir. And if like me, you have never used PTFE tape, then I recommend you watch this youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65i2vGWi3AE. Very simple instructions, and I get it right every time now. The air line connects to two quick couples, the first (after the first filter) will be used for spraying & the Numatx squeezer, and the second (after the Filter/lubricator) will be used for the drill & the rivet gun.

I bought some lightweight hoses from Cleaveland Tools (https://www.cleavelandtool.com/) in the US, after reading about them on Steve Hicks excellent blog (https://vansrv14project.uk/ ) but they came with mini couples which don't fit the Euro couples, so I am using these just for the drill & rivet gun off the lubricated quick coupling, and bought a seperate light weight airline from Machine Mart for the first coupling for air spraying and the squeezer.

Probably over engineered it....



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