Bearhawk 4 Place Plans #1582

Entry: Sun May 24 2020

Hammering away

Grabbed a spare noes rib blank and trimmed it 1/4". From there it went into the shop press for some flanges around the lightning holes, and finally in to the wing form block for edge flanges. Just like that all noes ribs with left flanges are done! From there I started processing the center ribs with left flanges.

The overall plan of attack is to work through all .025 parts with left facing flanges then work the .025 right facing flanges.Currently I've got a 1/16" of an inch with is .0625, when bending you need a minimum radius of 2-3 times the thickness of the material so for .025 that would be .05 - .075, so .0625 works great! For the 0.032 center ribs the acceptable range is .0064 - 0.096 so technically .0625 would not be enough radius for .032 so I'm planning to reset the radius to 1/8" or .125.

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