Mark and Cara's Zenith CH 750 STOL

Moving to a new workshop

This fall we bought a new house, and with it a garage that’ll make a perfect workshop.

At our old house we had a classic Chicago-style, detached 2-car garage with an alley behind the property and no driveway. We needed both ports for our cars, and were not allowed to park in the street so the garage could never be used for the plane.

Our new house has a 3-car garage and driveway, so I just leave my truck in the driveway, 2 garage ports are used by Cara’s car and miscellaneous tools and junk, and one port entirely dedicated as a workshop. It has nice epoxy floors, drywall and insulation, and plenty of lighting (and no overwhelming mold like the old one).

I rented a 26’ truck this time, the longest U-haul has. When we first moved the fuselage I had a 20’ truck and it took some creativity to just barely allow us to shut the door.

Here are some pics of the day we moved. Kelly and Jason were incredibly kind to come out and help.

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