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Dimpling Highs and Lows

I ground some material off the end of my close quarters dimple tool so it could fit adjacent some rivets. And after some experimentation I got it screwed to my workbench at just the right position to enable dimpling of the remaining spar holes. The rudder skeleton structure interfered and it took just the right angle off the workbench to make it work. A shout out to my neighbor/Air Force bud/FedEx pilot Lance for helping me get those last dimples done on the spar. I also used the C-frame with Lance's help to get the upper flange dimples on the skins. It was all definitely a 2-person job. The last item is to countersink the holes in the trailing edge wedge. After again reviewing Section 5 about countersinking the trailing edge I bought a $76 bench drill press from Harbor Freight to emulate Van's suggested technique. What I found was setting it up on the drill press as depicted with the trailing edge square and level for the countersinking cage was way easier said then done. After several hours of frustration trying to get it aligned and square I think I'm going to do it on the workbench instead using a jig to keep everything aligned and countersink by hand.

I also wanted to thank my loving and supportive wife Lisa for the poster of me in Van's factory RV-14 that I flew in 11/1/19. That flight was super fun and motivating. She surprised me by having a photo of me enlarged that now hangs on my garage wall as a reminder of what can be when I complete my own RV-14. I never would have started this adventure if not for her encouragement. Our 31st anniversary was yesterday. On hard days like today it's good to look at that photo before heading in for the night.

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