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So Much Sanding.......

Back in the shop after Thanksgiving away. On reserve at my airline gig and not used today so I got paid to stay home and build which was nice. I first got busy creating the fillet for the lower rudder fairing so it's a clean joint between the fiberglass and metal. Since this fairing is removeable I used electrical tap wrapped around the edge of the fiberglass to keep the Superfill from sticking to it. Once the Superfill dries I can sand down to the electrical tape and then use finishing putty to fix any imperfections or pinholes. Hopefully I'll end up with a nice clean joint with no lip. From there it was on to using finishing putty to fill all the pinholes and imperfections on the elevator and stab fairings. It's a 2-part material that has a very short 3-4 minute pot life so you have to mix and apply it in small batches. The nice thing is its fully dry and sandable in 10 minutes. And sands very easy to a feather edge. I'm about 98% done sanding on the elevator and stab fairings. Sanding upside down on the underside of the elevator and stab is a bitch. Very awkward.

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