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Aileron/Flap Gap Seals

A very busy past 4 days. And expensive. But up until today I didn't have much to show for all my time in the shop, on the phone and computer. There's much to consider when installing all the wing flight control systems, electrics, avionics and pitot systems. I had a bunch of different issues going on at once. I got a good start on the pitot tube mast installation last week. That's on hold for now until I can enlarge all the plastic anti-chafe wiring bushing preinstalled in the wings. Van's scrimped on the inner diameters on the bushings and they quickly fill with wire bundles and pitot/AOA lines. Fortunately, Van's has an engineering document that talks about enlarging the bushings and other ways to run wiring via flexible conduit in the wings. Most of the bushings are 3/8" to 1/2" diameter. Van's allows these to be upsized to a max of 5/8". Why they just don't do that from the beginning is beyond me. They're dirt cheap. You can't have enough space for all the wires. So, I removed most of the old bushings, ordered larger new ones, will upsize the holes with a unibit and snap them in place. Then I can continue on with the pitot install and running additional wiring/air lines. I was on the Forums a lot this week doing research and communicating with Stein Air, my avionics supplier. Their customer service is outstanding. They are the factory supplier of various electrical harnesses for all the Van's kits and are intimately familiar with all things RV. I have no idea if they are the cheapest and don't care if they aren't. The left wing in particular gets lots of additional stuff. There's two 14AWG wires needed for the pitot heat. These must be twisted together to cancel out the magnetic field they'd normally create to avoid interference with the Garmin GMU-22 magnetometer also mounted in the left wing. Adjacent to the GMU-22 is the GTP-59 OAT probe. The probe and its integral 3-wire shielded cable also needs to be installed. And for my GAP-26 heated pitot tube an additional 1/4" plastic line for AOA function along with the line for airspeed ram air pressure. The right wing also gets additional wiring to support the optional aileron trim servo I purchased from Van's. The new upsized bushings arrived late today so I can move forward on those. My GMU-22 and GTP-59 are enroute from Stein Air so I can get those installed along with the roll trim servo and harness which I already have. And I've ordered my Garmin autopilot pitch and roll servos. 2–3-month delay on those. Don't really need them now but eventually. Then I can finish up the mast install. I'm still researching as to location. I'd like to keep it in the stock location mid-span but there's a lot going on in that location with aileron pushrods and bellcranks. Some guys move it one bay outboard of the bellcrank. I don't like that due to proximity to the tie down ring and tie down lines. The right wing is out because the autopilot servo is there. So to stay productive while waiting on the UPS truck I dove into the aileron and flap seals. They're fairly large pieces that required considerable deburring, dimpling and priming. The wing top skins also needed lots of dimpling and spar countersinking as well. I got all 4 pieces completed, primed and partially installed on the right wing.

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