Scott's RV-14 Build

Aileron Linkages

Yesterday I upsized more bushings along the spar to a 500-6 size (.39 ID). I wanted to run my pitot heat wires as far away from the GMU-22 as possible to avoid magnetic interference with the pitot heat on. The Garmin install manual specifies 3 ft. minimum spacing for high current wires. There is no physical way to do that given the dimensions of the wing, available pass throughs and GMU-22 location. Given the thousands of RVs flying I suspected that wasn't an issue. An email query to Steinair confirmed that. Because of the close proximity to the spar there was no way to get a drill in there square with the rib. So I drilled all holes from the root using an ever increasing set of extensions up to 4 ft. long. Using a drill and vice I twisted together my pitot heat harness and ran it in my newly enlarged spar pass throughs. Today I carefully finished a few hard to access rivets on my aileron/flap gap seals using my hand squeezer. An expensive but super useful tool at times. Then I moved on to test fitting my aileron actuating pushrods in the left wing to check fitment, look for binding/rubbing and get the rod ends adjusted. And also to get a better idea of available room for my pitot tube mast installation. Of note, my Finishing Kit was supposed to be delivered yesterday. Due to driver nonavailability that's now been delayed till April 18th.

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