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Left Bottom Wing Skin Finished

Spent the past couple day on the lower left wing skin. I first needed to fabricate an L-bracket that connects the pitot mast base plate and the adjacent rib. This will provide more rigidity then the mast would get when riveted only to the skin. A small L-bracket was supplied but I didn't like it's size. It would've been attached to the support plate with 1 rivet and I wasn't happy with that. I had some aluminum angle and created a larger bracket that will be supported with 2 rivets instead of one. I'll attach it to the rib with a AN-3 bolt. In the unlikely event I need to remove the mast I can remove the bolt and drill out the skin rivets. Hopefully that will never be required. I'll delay riveting on the lower skins until I no longer need easy access to the wing interior. I'll also delay installing the mast permanently as long as possible because having the mast stick out the bottom of the wing makes it vulnerable to damage and difficult to lay flat on a table.

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