Scott's RV-14 Build

Canopy Frame Mostly Complete

A big thanks to fellow Southwest pilot and RV-14 building buddy Craig for his assistance today riveting the canopy rails and roll hoop on. Craig brought over his very cool self-adjusting, pedal operated pneumatic squeezer. With it and its ability to get into tighter spaces then my squeezer he made short work of riveting the side rails and back roll hoop to the front section. Unlike his, my squeezer is manually adjusted for rivet length. But they do make a foot pedal for mine and I can now see the value of that. I'm pleased with how the canopy frame has turned out so far. Like so many things in this build it took me a lot longer than I wanted. It's satisfying when large structures go together. I've gone about as far as I can go with it for now. I'm going to turn my focus back to the fuselage to get some loose ends tied up there. Headed out of town for a while and will be back in the shop after August 8th.

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