Scott's RV-14 Build

Vans Practice Airfoil Kit

Spent yesterday and today completing the practice airfoil kit. I honestly thought it would go quicker then it did having built the same kit at Synergy Air Nov 2. Much like the toolbox, its just took forever to complete the simplest tasks. I didn't have the benefit of Synergy's facilities, tools, a build parter with an extra set of hands, and an instructor for every question. I made slow, but steady progress and worked through it. Thanks God for YouTube and EAA Homebuilders Hints. I needed some small, skinny bucking bars for the rib end rivets. Found what I needed at a welding supply store. Discovered my existing budget rivet puller was completely inadequate. That was a source of frustration. A couple dents in the skin are a reminder to leave the rivet gun in place after coming off the trigger until it stops. I know I'm making the same errors that everyone else is making at this stage. Scrutinzing every rivet, wondering if its good enough, etc. Keeping in mind that "Perfection is the Enemy of Progress," but cognicent that I've much to learn and become proficient at. The learning curve is vertical now. Looking forward to finally starting the tail kit.

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