Tyler's Sling TSi

Day 136

Seat Rails

A while back we had disassembled a portion of our center console because we realized some of it was meant to be done at a later time. Just as well, the build manual had us putting in domed rivets on the seat rail. This never made much sense to us, but we followed the manual.

After watching someone else’s build video we learned it was best to countersink and use countersunk rivets. There are four seat rails to be countersunk with various rivets sizes so it actually takes a little bit of time switching between all of them. Especially resetting the depth for the countersinking tool.

We again left the wanted console as a modular component for the time being. One because we have yet to upholster it, as well as we have not finished running wires. (And the outside rails don’t get installed until after the wings have been attached)

After finishing that project we went back to routing wires. Especially firewall forward. The wires for the fuel pump “B” seem to be a little short. If we are not able to find a way to route it without being so tight, we’re going to splice in an extension so that thing fit better.

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