Phoenix FS

Finishing the ailerons, building the right flap

Got a response from Sling on the wing rib matter

Today we finished both ailerons which went very smoothly overall, no issues there.

After finishing the ailerons, we decided to make a start on the flaps. Unfortunately, we received two right flap skins, instead of one left and one right skin. We will have to contact Sling about this. Nevertheless, we started building the right flap which went quite smoothly. We did have a little trouble though with aligning the rib and skin holes. Today we only cleco'd them and we noticed some tension/buckling in the skin. Tomorrow we'll see if we can get any rivets in there.

Also, we got a response from Sling about the misalignment of wing rib 16 with the main spar. They suggested that we put on the wing skin and align the holes to see if the problem lies with the rib or the spar. We'll do that tomorrow.

Builders of today:

  • Suzanne Hendriks
  • Francesco Granata
  • Tetsuo Martynowicz

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