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Seats Side Rail Assembly

Today we worked on the side rails of the seats. We only installed the two inside side rails and left the outside side rails for after the wings (as suggested in the manual). We started with deburring, cleaning and countersinking the aluminum parts and plastic parts. We used a wider countersink bit to keep enough thickness on the material. We also installed the five rivnuts on a center console skin that had to be riveted together with the seat rail sliding guide and the seat rail (we saw this on Craig's Maiman's blog).

Reaching the three rivets on the seat locking channel that are underneath the upper flange was quite difficult so we decided to make a small wedge, insert the rivet and bend the mandrel such that the rivet gun fitted. This worked pretty well and since the bottom of the wedge was flush against the channel, the rivet was pulled straight. The other rivets were pulled without the wedge but some broke halfway through the mandrel. We had to use a Dremel and file down the mandrel which was time consuming and cumbersome. But the end result is good and all the rivets are flush now.


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