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Throttle Quadrant

Spend some time on the throttle quadrant.

This assembly is the first real assembly where the layout is quite different in our case. Since we are making a hydrogen-electric plane, we use an electric motor (driven by the fuell cell) rather than the standard rotax motor. This means that the position of the throttle is read by an encoder. Right now we're still looking into the right encoder for this.

Because the anchor nut as only a certain amount of positions we had to choose between 320g or 1500g of friction for the throttle. We chose for 315g because still is still plenty of friction to keep the throttle upright, and we don't have the wire of the rotax 'pulling' the throttle back. So our throttle will be less likely to return to original position.

Also we decided to paint the throttle cap a mat black to make it match with the interior of the fuselage as much as possible.,

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