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Brake Lines

We decided to go with the brake lines that came with the kit instead of going for stainless steel that some other builders use. The manual was quite straight forward but we had some difficulties with the line between undercarriage and fuselage. We would start off with a spiral and then slowly pushing and pulling the line through the undercarriage and fuselage. But at some point, the spiral has to straighten out and exactly then the nylon would buckle. So it took a few tries before we could get this right. We also noticed that, because of the sharp angle, the nylon would be pressed against the grommet such that it got damaged. So we added a larger grommet and inserted the pvc hose in there as well.

We used Loctite thread sealant for sealing the fittings which we hand tightened with two wrenches. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough nylon tube anymore so we couldn't finish the complete system with reservoir kit and ordered extra tube and braking fluid on

Extra notes:

  • We used vaseline to slide the nylon tube through the undercarriage and pvc hose
  • We used a cable puller to pull the nylon tube through the undercarriage
  • We used safety wire to secure the pvc hose around the nylon


  • Pepijn
  • Niels
  • Tetsuo
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