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NEW left wing

This week we finally received the Left Wing from Sling. It was built until the same point as we built the old wing: so Only the fuel tank and the wingtip were not installed.

We first started by installing the fuel tank, onto the wingbox but this time we did it differently then on the right wing: We started by first installing the ribs onto the main spar and then put the skin over the ribs. Normally this skin and the ribs are first riveted together, but since we are not sealing our fuel tank this is not necessary in our build. First installing the ribs saved us a lot of time trying to get the bolts to align through the main spar afterwards.

Afterwards we installed the wingtip, this went quite smoothly compared to the left wing there was only a bit of sanding necessary at the leading edge of the wingtip and after a couple tries it fit quite nicely. The strobe-light was installed and cable-tie holders were used to hold the cables against the surface of the wingtip. These this hold on very well and we don't expect them to get loose.

Lastly the Flaps and Ailerons had to be aligned: we left the leading edge of both these components un-riveted to be able to align them perfectly onto the wing. This took a lot of trial and error, eventually we noticed that there was little to gain at the aileron side because this component is so short so we decided to just riveted it in place and get all of the alignment done through torsion in the flap. This meant that some holes in the flap had to be slotted slightly to accommodate for this torsion.

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