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Duralac for corrosion protection

Plan to use Duralac yellow (carcinogenic Cr6+) for all stainless-steel rivets in aluminium, and to use green (non-carcinogenic - no Cr6+) for any general wet rivetting. I might use the green also for overlapping skin seams, as the Ardrox AV30 is really expensive to import and no one stocks it locally. Need to do some tests.

Use of Duralac yellow is though to be ok sine the number of ss rivets is relatively small (elevator horns, and wings as per service bulletin) numbering 200 or so.

Considering Duralac for AN bolts (must avoid fouling nylocks).

Both Duralac yellow and green have been found to not degrade EkoPrime in any way (no detectable softening)

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