Bearhawk 4 Place Plans #1582

Entry: Sun Mar 22 2020

Recovering from the first oops

So while building master form blocks for each of the wing ribs I thought it would be a good idea to clearance each of the spar intersections by 1/8". After doing so I really wasn't happy with it thinking down the road to lining everything up. So back to home depot for a sheet of MDF and a couple hours of layout, trimming, and match routing I've got 3 blanks for each rib form. I'm planning to make a master for each which can be used to build tooling and to make 2 working copies of each for, well working.

Initially the working copies will be used to trim and route out aluminum rib blanks. Once all the blanks have been formed, the lightning holes will receive 45 degree bevels and I'll use a shop press to flange the lightning holes.

Next up will be to cut lightning holes in all master rib templates. From there i'll use a router and flush trim bit to make 2 working copies from each rib timplate.

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