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Front Spar Complete

Got the front spar and doubler primed then clecoed everything back together and started riveting the doubler and spar caps to the spar. There were many rivet lengths in both AN426 and AN470 sizes. Frequent referencing of the rivet callouts was necessary for all 120 rivets. Many holes didn't get any rivets and blue painters tape was used to cover all nonused holes. Riveting went pretty smoothly and I was pleased with all the shops heads. Several of the previously countersunk AN426 doubler rivets ended up slightly proud of their holes even though they fit perfectly flush prior to squeezing. Not sure why as I was keeping firm pressure on the factory head while squeezing them. My first inclination was to drill them out and try again but as they are only .003" or so proud another option might be to simply file down the factory head flush. Or do nothing at all. These rivets are hidden from view so cosmetically its not an issue and all shop heads are good. I took some photos and measurements and sent an email to Van's tech support for an opinion. I've found so far that small defects that I think are an issue are many times not an issue at all.

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