Scott's RV-14 Build

Elevator Ribs To Skins

Long day back in the shop after being out of town for 4 days. Made good progress riveting the right rear spar to to the lower skin, then back riveting on all the E1008B ribs. Repeated the riveting on the E1008A ribs to the upper skin. Next step is joining the upper and lower skins together with pulled rivets joining the ribs and then riveting the rear spar to the upper skin. I made a query on the VAF forum last week about using the MK-319-BS pulled rivets vs solid rivet on the rear spar. I got several replies from guys that had gone either way. 2 said they used pulled rivets on the spar and they looked fine when filled prior to painting. One guy had built a Bronze Lindy Oshkosh winner so he clearly knows how to build a quality plane. Another guy said he'd gone with solid rivets using the long bucking bar solo and had no problems. I'm still thinking about it. I also pulled the trigger on my QB fuselage and wings today. Van's emailed me Friday that they had both available for delivery. I'm using Stewart Transport for delivery and it sounds like it'll be in the mid-to-late July timeframe. I need to build my wing cradle between now and then.

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