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Ribs And Front Spar Riveted

Good progress today. Got the top and bottom skins joined using pulled LP4-3 rivets. It was pretty tight quarters setting the back 2 rivets on each rib but I used PVC handle extensions to get more leverage and they all went in smooth. I fabricated the pulled rivet spacer tool IAW Van's plans for the back rivets but never needed it. I went ahead and used the MK-319-BS pulled rivets along the exterior rear spar and I'm glad I did. The whole row was done uneventfully in 45 minutes or so. It would've taken me hours using solid rivets. Having done it I think they'll look fine once filled and painted and I won't care about any minor differences in appearance. I'll use them wherever I can from now on. From there I got the front spar and attached end ribs installed and started riveting it all in place.

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