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Engine/Prop Ordered And Cockpit Paint Prep

Today was....expensive. I finally committed to an engine and prop and did the bundled deal from Van's to save $1000. I went with the new Thunderbolt 215 hp IO-390-EXP119 option because I want all the performance I can get. More expensive, but it's my plane and that's what I want. I went with red for the crankcase and cylinders for a couple reasons. First, it looks good and I know I'll have red on the exterior paint scheme. On a more practical level I'd heard it shows oil leaks and any cracks better then a darker color. It'll have the standard chrome rocker covers but I deemed optional chrome pushrod tubes a little too flashy. I also went with Airflow Performance fuel injection because of their reputation, and dual E-mags. I'm comfortable with using dual electronic ignition vs keeping at least one standard magneto. The reliability is there IMO and the cold/hot starting, engine smoothness and fuel savings is compelling. I deleted the rear accessory pad for a backup alternator. I debated this the longest. Van's tech support informed me that the more stuff that's on the firewall and rear accessory case, the more airflow is reduced through the cowling and then out the lower cowl exhaust. This can result in higher CHTs and oil temps. That was news to me but made sense. I reasoned if my primary alternator failed inflight while IMC I'll have the primary aircraft battery and a dedicated backup battery to power my avionics for hours until I'm safely on the ground. The E-mags are self-generating in the event of a primary alternator failure so no problem with the engine running. I went with the standard 72" Hartzell 2-blade CS prop that Van's recommends for an RV-14. I briefly looked at the German MT prop but the cost vs performance benefit just wasn't there. 3-bladed props do look cool though. I'll plan on taking delivery in Dec 2021 for both as I don't need them now and don't want them cluttering up my garage. Ask me in a couple years if I made the right choices.... I also bought several rattle-cans of paint in different shades of grey including one that gives a hammered finish. I want to make some test pieces on some scrap sheet metal using the same scuffing, cleaning and priming technique I'll use on the plane. I can see the actual color, quality of the finish and durability before I make a final decision on cockpit painting technique.

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