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Rudder Cable Sleeves

Sometimes I wonder if the engineers who designed this plane ever had to actually build one. They might pay more attention to accessibility and maintainability if they did. Such was the case with securing two rudder cable sleeves using adel clamps. Getting the forward nut threaded on the bolt on each clamp was damn well impossible working alone. Access was super tight and awkward for fingers and tools. I struggled for hours to do it alone using every conceivable tool and technique I could find. Fortunately Craig, a new builder buddy and fellow Southwest pilot who's got an RV-14 tail kit ordered, came by to look at mine. His prior A&P background came through and we tackled the bolts together. After some struggling a minor miracle occurred and he managed to get both nuts threaded while I provided pressure on the clamp and turned the bolt. The tiny ignition wrenches I've had for decades proved their worth once again by fitting in the tight space. Once threaded we got the bolts torqued to final spec. I really appreciated Craig's help. Moving on to connecting the cables to the pedals.

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