Scott's RV-14 Build

Rudder Nutplates Installed

Back in the shop after an extended break. Spent the day installing the 18 lower rudder nutplates. First I matchdrilled the #27 nutplate screw holes through the fairing and into the mounting strips. Then using a nutplate jig using 2 nutplates and a #6 screw I drilled the nutplate rivet holes. Then dimpled or countersunk all the rivet holes. I used both AN426 flush rivets and CCR264SS-3-2 pulled rivets on the 2 aft nutplates where space was too tight for squeezing or bucking. Then carefully started countersinking the #27 screw holes on the fairing so the screws will set flush. For now I'm going countersink the holes to the point where the screw heads sit slightly proud. The fiberglass is fairly thin and I want to avoid cracking around the screw holes from vibration. I can always remove more material later.

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