Scott's RV-14 Build

Rudder Light Mount

Continued work on the lower rudder fairing to add the LED position light/anti-collision strobe mounting plate. First I finished up countersinking the remaining fairing mounting holes. Next I temporarily affixed the plate to the fairing with tape, matched drilled the rivet holes and countersunk them. Then removed the center section with my rotary tool. Roughed up the fiberglass and mounting plate with #80 grit sandpaper. Then mixed up a small amount of Aeropoxy resin and and powdered cotton fiber to form flox which is a filler. This was applied between the plate and fiberglass as a bonding agent then 2 pulled rivets were inserted. Once the resin dries I can sand smooth around the perimeter of the mounting plate. I also purchased a 4-40 tap for the strobe mounting screws and a can of SEM filler primer to fill and sand any small imperfections in the fiberglass.

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