Scott's RV-14 Build

More Light Bracket Stuff

Continued work on the landing light bracket hardware. Got everything prepped, primed and painted. The two predominant colors out there seemed to be white or flat black. I decided on black after seeing photos of other planes. I just thought it looked better behind that way. My reasoning was white might eventually show dirt over time hidden behind the leading-edge lens. We'll see. I started fabrication on eight bushings made from aluminum tubing. They are used as spacers on the light brackets. I had to make similar bushings for the brake pedals. I find it difficult to create these very small (.395" long) bushings while keeping the tubing ends square. If they were longer, I could use a fence on my disc sander to keep them square. But they're very short and get very hot so keeping them square against the disc is tough. Gloves are needed making it harder. For me the best way was to get them close with the disc sander and then dress them with a file in a vice. If there's a better, quicker way I'd love to know. My Garmin pitot tube and Dynon mount also arrived today.

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