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Access Cover/Landing Light Brackets

Got a wing access cover assembly done. Cleaned up the parts, got them dimpled and primed and then the nut plates riveted on. The assembly get riveted to the wing access hole for the stall warning system. For easier access I’ll hold off riveting it to the wing for now since it reduces the overall size of the opening. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to install the stock Vans stall warning vane. Like others, I’ll instead rely on AOA off my Garmin GAP26 pitot tube which I purchased along with a Dynon mount from Aircraft Spruce. I’ll need the Dynon mounting bracket to install in the wing. That let me take advantage of 3 Spruce gift cards I’d generously received for Christmas. I also got to work on the landing light brackets for each wing. They’ll need to be painted and I think I’m going with matte black.

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