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An aggravating day in the shop. Was moving along fabricating the second light cover. Got the alcove painted flat black yesterday and the mounting bracket riveted in. My oops moment came when I was having trouble getting the light cover to fit snugly against the inner curvature of the wing leading edge. There was a gap. I hadn't had that problem with the first cover. I had a moment of clarity when I flipped it over and to my chagrin it fit just fine. Turns out the light covers are molded slightly asymmetrical to match the asymmetrical curves of the upper and lower wing leading edge ribs. I hadn't realized they were molded that way, the plans don't mention it, and I got lucky on the first one by trimming and installing it the correct way. The trouble was I'd trimmed the second one to the point that it was now unusable when oriented correctly. It seems obvious now but certainly wasn't when I was installing the first cover. Very annoying not to have caught that. Sigh. Part of building. You do dumb things. I try not to repeat the same dumb things. So, $27 later I ordered a new cover from Van's. I'll install it when it arrives. Smarter for it and I'll be more aware of part orientation in the future. In the meantime, I'll move on to something else.

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