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Landing Light Covers

First got the light bracket riveted in eventfully. Rivet access for bucking was good through the lightning holes in the tip ribs. The flat black paint came out nice and I'm glad I went through the effort to paint the light alcoves. Then it was on to carefully trimming the plexiglas cover to fit. I used my garage heater to warm the shop to 77 degrees from the outside 62 to reduce the chance of cracks. I covered the cover in tape to prevent scratches then used a cutting disc in my rotary tool to make the big cuts. I used my disc sander to sand the edges down to the lines as needed. The plexi-bits I'd ordered had arrived and I used them to match drill the mounting holes. I used a very slow drill speed and tape on the back side of the hole to prevent chipping. I was rewarded with nice clean holes. Then I carefully countersunk the mounting holes in the cover to accept the #27 dimples in the skin for the #6 screws. Per plans I carefully deburred the holes and sanded all edges round. The mounting strips with nut plates were fixed to the cover interior with 3M double sided tape. Then I installed it with no issues. The light assembly will be installed later. Once that's complete, I'll use a small bead of clear RTV to prevent water intrusion and seal small gaps. With the right-wing light completely done, I expect the left wing to go much quicker.

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