Scott's RV-14 Build

Flap Position Sensor

Installed the Flap Position Sensor today. It will tie in with my Garmin G3X display. I debated about the need for it. You don't need it to see the flap position. Just look out the window. But installing it gives me overspeed protection which I'd like to have. I'll get an audio and visual alert if I try to extend the flaps above Vfe. And will also alert if I forget to raise the flaps and attempt to accelerate above Vfe. All it takes is a distraction for that to happen and a break in habit pattern. I see it in my day job all the time. And if it saves me flap damage and/or inspections just once its paid for itself. Was pretty easy to install. Crimping on the micro molex pins is a pain. A magnifying glass with light is a must.

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