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Top Coat on Cockpit Parts

I was up early today to shoot the topcoat on all the cockpit accessory parts. I used Stewart EkoCrylic in Smoke Gray. Yesterday was spent sanding the primer on all parts with 400 grit sandpaper and a maroon scotch bright pad to prep for the topcoat. I also re-reviewed the videos, mixing and application literature on the Stewart website for EkoCrylic. Unlike the EkoPrime which dries in 25 minutes and is quickly sandable/paintable the EkCrylic takes 24 hours to fully cure. I'll need to come back tomorrow and do the other side of the seats and rollbar. The results were OK. The finish isn't glass smooth. Something is slightly off in my paint gun settings. Either air pressure is too low and/or paint flow is too high. It truly is an art to paint well. There's a slight texture to it as there is on the rest of my cockpit interior. You could call it minor orange peel. It's not very noticeable and aesthetically I don't find it off-putting on the interior. But I wouldn't want my exterior to look that way. So, I'll leave the exterior to a pro.

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