Scott's RV-14 Build

14 Holes Down, 52 To Go

Days were spent trimming, sanding and tweaking the canopy fit on the frame. My ever-helpful wife helped me remove and replace the canopy multiple times to that end. I finally got to the point where it was time to start drilling it. The bottom side plexiglass edges were below the 0.17 minimum thickness so optional shims were used along the side rails per plans. Much time was spent getting the canopy positioned just right and then securing it so it wouldn't shift while drilling it. The combo of my garage ductless AC/heat pump and one electric space heater outside and another in the cockpit got the canopy temp over 90 degrees. This makes it uncomfortable for me, but the plexiglass likes that. I started the top 14 holes along the roll bar per plans match drilling through the plexiglass into the underlying pilot holes using a 3/32 plexi-bit. I'll use reamers to upsize to #27 eventually.

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