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Starting The Prop And Spinner Install

Prepped the engine for hanging the prop by removing the lower sparkplugs, removing the induction and exhaust port covers and draining all the preservative oil pooled in those locations. With the plugs out I could safely rotate the engine without getting a hydraulic lock and force preservative oil out of the plug holes. I also removed the plug in the crankshaft flange so oil could get to the prop hub. Then fabricated the rear spinner bulkhead by using its doubler as a template to trim away a bunch of unneeded material. The bulkhead was match drilled to the doubler, everything primed then riveted together. It was attached to the prop using the four hub bolts, spacers, and washers. One of the hub bolt lock nuts was bad and needed a replacement. Tracking down the Hartzell part number over the holiday weekend wasn't easy. Finding a supplier was tough too. The nuts run about $8.00 each. Fortunately, I found a propeller shop right here in Phoenix that carries them and will pick up a fresh one tomorrow. In the meantime I've got a temporary hardware store nut in its place. I need to mount the prop to the engine but this is a 2-man task. Although my bride was willing, this is beyond her capabilities. The prop assembly isn't light. I need to wait a couple days until my building buddy Craig can lend a hand. To keep moving forward I began trimming and fitting the fiberglass spinner to the prop.

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