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Engine Accessories

I've been busy since mounting the engine 6 days ago. Lots of little tasks completed. Started with the prop governor. A bracket needed to be fabricated first. The governor is test fitted and a fuel injection line is gently bent to clear the bracket and the associated Adel clamp is moved. The governor is then bolted permanently in position. I had to extensively modify a 1/2" crows foot to fit the space where the nuts were to torque them correctly. Numerous Adel clamps are placed all over the engine mount tubes to accommodate and organize an ever-growing list of wires, cables and hoses. Safety wire is used to close the clamp over the tube so the hardware can be easily inserted. The mount for the fuel flow transducer was created then the assembly was mounted on the intake tubes on the engines left side and associated hoses attached. Lastly the alternator was attached and with associated cables. That closes out Section 43, Engine Installation. Next up Section 44, Propeller and Spinner.

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