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Slow Progress On The Panel

I haven't posted lately simply because I don't have much dramatic change to show. Progress on the avionics has gone much slower than I'd hoped. Like so many things on this plane, it's just hard at times figuring out what needs to be done and then how to do it. However, slow progress doesn't mean no progress. I finally have all my avionics trays fabricated and mounted with spots for all the extra remote boxes. When I last posted I was focusing on the left side of the cockpit. Now I've got the right side done. This includes the GAD29C, GMA245R remote radio panel, the GTR20 remote VHF radio and the main avionics bus. Working with my pal Craig we conceived a couple clever tray designs on CAD that I had fabricated with SendCutSend that took advantage of available space. The GRT20 tray fits in the glovebox with the avionics bus mounted underneath it. It was challenging getting everything square and clamped down to drill the 2 forward mounting holes on the firewall flange for the glovebox tray. Fitting my arm with a pneumatic angle drill, lighting and then being able to physically see and manipulate the drill in a very confined spot was awkward took some rehearsing. But I got it done and the holes were perfectly centered on the flange. After 6 months I can also see my cockpit floor again. Now that I've got my avionics boxes situated, I ran the harness and associated connecters and leads through the panel center section and off the floor where they've been, out of the way. I'm also back to work on the wings, specifically the pitot tube install and associated pneumatic lines.

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