Tyler's Sling TSi

Day’s 150-152

Wiring & Antennas

It has been a busy and productive few days.

We have been working exclusively on getting our instrument panel, wiring, and antennas all figured out. We’ve been communicating back and forth with Midwest Panels (where we sourced our avionics) working to get a number of questions answered.

We feel we’re starting to get a good grasp on things.

We’ve gotten most of the avionics set in the dash and instrument panel so that we can make sure everything reaches and goes where it’s supposed to.

We have also ran most of the antenna coaxial cables and have mounted the two GPS’s, 2 COM’s, and transponder antenna’s. If we didn’t have strengthening plates we made some. They will work perfectly. We even mad one that will cover one of Slings antenna holes near the front of the fuselage, underneath were we ended up mounting it in a different location.

We have also mounted the ELT box. For this we also made some spacers to hold the box up and to keep the rivets from protruding into the module.

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