Tyler's Sling TSi

Day 168

Air Filter.

We’re making some more progress on the engine.

Today we assembled the air filter box for the turbo intake. It wasn’t too bad of an assembly. You’re provided with a filter box. You then make sure all the holes are where they are supposed to be and drilled to the correct size. Then there’s a pair of rivet nuts and grommets that get installed for the air sensors. The filter itself is placed inside and then a hole is drilled through the box and the filter casing where a bolt is passed through to hold it in place.

Once we had it all assembled we placed it on the turbo to get a feel for how it would be fitting. We set the bottom motor cowling up underneath to make sure there wasn’t any initial fitment issues.

We also did some more work on the file lines. We added the line that comes out of the top of the fuel filter and hooked up the line for the bypass check valve.

As well this morning, we put the Intercooler shroud on that we painted yesterday. It looked way better than if we’d left it the grey!

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