Tyler's Sling TSi

Day 170

Throttle Cable

Worked on a few assemblies today.

Got the throttle cable shielding on as well as routes it through the firewall. This was a large portion of our time today. It was a little tricky getting the shield sleeve to go the whole length of the cable. But we persevered in the end.

We also were able to get a pair of panels made for the firewall wire pass-through for the motor harnesses. It took a bit of work to get them just right, but feel it will work perfectly once we seal it up with high temp RTV gasket sealant.

We also were able to make and route a portion of the return fuel line from the firewall to the fuel selector.

Our hose clamps for the heater tubes came right at the end of our day, so first thing tomorrow we’ll get those hooked up. We then should be able to install most of the standoffs for the hoses and wires underneath the dash and start making preparations for installing and sealing our front top skin.

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