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Major progress on the elevator

Our Fix for Trim tab servo mounting

We are now able to continue on the elevator since we received the new control horn brackets (and they seem to line up nicely this time).

Today we made some major progression on the elevator and we hope to finish it tomorrow.

We also ran into an issue whilst installing the trim tab servo since there was very little explanation on how it should be installed in the plane. We looked at he electrics manual, the installation manual of the Ray-Allen and read about 4 build-log's of other builders but there was no clear answers, everybody seemed to have their own way of mounting it.

We installed the Servo by drilling out it's 4 holes to 4mm (to fit an m4 bolt) then we screwed the supplied anchor-nuts to the servo flange tightly and drilled out 2x 2.4mm holes per anchor-nut for the small rivets to fit through. Lastly we countersunk the rivet heads into the plastic so that they wouldn't tough the outer skin.

Builders of today:

Tetsuo Martynowicz

Pepijn van Kampen

Suzanne Hendriks

Rolf Bavelaar

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