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Started on the left Wing

Quick progress in the beginning but Hole misalignment in the main spar :(

This week we started on the Left Wing since the Right wing is almost finished (the strobe light and Wing tip have yet to be installed).

We started by finishing Rib-12 and Rib-8 which we were unable to finish before due to some missing components. Afterwards we Riveted the Rear spar wherever necessary and installed the main spar, Ribs and rear spar onto the Jigs. This all went quite smooth compared to the right wing due to the bit of experience we gained on the right wing.

Now just like on the right wing rib 16 had the same misalignment with the strengthening channel on the main spar. We fixed this again by making a spacer which tapered from 5mm to 3mm, made a doubler plate, and drilled through all the holes. Then we Installed 6 m4 bolts with spacers and Locknuts which were torqued to 2.5Nm.

Lastly the bottom skins were prepared (removed plastic, deburred, and cleaned), and put on the the wing skeleton. Quickly it became apparent that the holes in the main spar were misaligned. And asked sling for a solution.





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