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Drilling out the misaligned holes in the main spar

A problem occurred regarding the hole alignment in the upper cap of the main spar of the left wing. These holes were placed too far towards the leading edge of the wing. We did try to cleco the skin onto these holes but this resulted in all the ribs buckling. After doing some measurements on the other wing we were assured that the holes of the spar were the problem. The hole misalignment was 1.8mm at the root of the wing and 1.4mm around the pitot tube. The hole misalignment stops right after the pitot tube, were the cap of the wing stops, (around 3/2 of the length from the root of the wing).

We discussed with Sling and they suggested to drill out the misaligned holes in the main spar up to 6,4 mm. This was the first rivet size which could account for the misalignment. They also suggested to place an 6061 aluminum spacer of 1,6 mm thickness in between these caps.

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