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Front Top Skin Part 2

We watched Sling's video series on mounting the front top skin which was very useful. As explained in our previous post on the front top skin, we decided to put the front top skin underneath the outer skin of the aircraft. Therefore, we applied Sikaflex on the inside of the aluminum skin before placing the front top skin. We also added Sikaflex on the firewall flanges for a good seal. We did not use primer because the rivets will keep the front top skin in place and the Sikaflex primarily acts as a sealant. However, we did roughen up the bonding surfaces with 80P grid sandpaper.

We did not have enough rivets unfortunately so we had to leave some cleco's in and use glue clamps to hold everything in place. The final result looks really neat. The other rivets are backordered from Sling.

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