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Right Wingtip + Light & Filling Rivets

It is finally time to install our wing tip lights! They're are the Thiesen EPTA NG Nav/Strobe lights.

We found a template online (which we had to scale up a bit) and used that to find the positions of the holes that we needed to drill. We made a little mistake so we accidentally made an extra hole in the composite part but it didn't seem too much of a problem. We simply drilled the correct hole on a different location with at least 10 mm space from the wrong hole. We used epoxy glue to install the rivnut to ensure that it will not wear out too easily.


After the electronics had been tested we installed the wingtip with rivets. Since the holes were match drilled, this went without problems. Lastly, we wanted a smooth transition from wing to wingtip so we applied some epoxy filler to make it look seamless.

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