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EkoFill sanding, removing blemishes

I began lightly sanding the EkoFill primer to key it for the next spray coat. During this I discovered some paint blisters. I’ve removed them, and there is no adhesion to the fabric underneath them. I had followed the Stewart Systems instructions exactly, so it’s a bit baffling.

They had the appearance of a paint “drip” before I removed them. So I need to get to the bottom of this before proceeding with the next coat. Fortunately most of them are in one area of one gear leg, with a few miscellaneous ones on the fuselage and one on the forward cargo door interior. I notice that when I sanded then the paint “rolled up” rather than getting a sanding dust, so I suspect that they may be actual paint drips where I didn’t brush enough to get into the weave. Anyway I hope to hear back from Stewart Systems tomorrow.

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