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CAA Check

Today was the NZ CAA Inspection. I arrived early. Both fuel sight gauges had a small seep the prior afternoon that became apparent with full tanks. So I added a hose clip and a small piece of tubing on each which cured the issue immediately. I also noticed that fuel was overflowing out the air vents in the fuel caps, so I drained some fuel out to allow more room.

The check itself went well and was mostly routine, with a lot of paperwork. They had requested that I add normal registration markings until the personalised call sign was approved. So I got some made, and as soon as I applied the markings, they approved the large "B " and the call-sign "Bearhawk Bravo ".

Afterwards, I started refitting the interior. Also the engine cowling. Tomorrow I plan to do the access panels and prepare it for the first flight.

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