Scott's RV-14 Build

Control Stick Tweaking

Had a few hours today so spent the time adjusting the control sticks so they are parallel to each other. This involved measuring the distance between the sticks at their bases and at their tops. In my case the stick tops were 5/32" wider then the base distance. Then I had to remove the lower tie rod between the sticks and adjust the rod ends to correct it. It took some trial and error. A 5/32" tie rod adjustment wouldn't have fixed the problem since the pivot point from the tie rod to the stick pivot was much shorter then the stick tip to the stick pivot point. No doubt there's a trigonometry equation that would solved that dimension but high school trig was too long ago. I got it dialed in at the end. My recently purchased washer wrenches came in very handy for final assembly of the needed hardware.

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